Entertainment & Hosptitality

Location: Mesa, AZ

Scope: Installation of electrical power, programmable lighting, fire alarm and security camera systems on three newly constructed floors of the museum. This project was undertaken to showcase unique dinosaur exhibits that have brought recognition and praise for the museum. However, the design the City of Mesa had commissioned for the exhibits exceeded the City�s budget for the project. That�s when we were able to step in. Thomas Electrical Contractors took the design and led a �value-engineering� effort with lighting company R.C. Lurie and distributor Border States Electric Supply to save $60,000 on the project. With a 21% savings on the lighting package, the project was brought within a scope the City could afford. This ability to spot and achieve cost savings for the client led to more jobs with the general contractor, Achen Gardner, who then chose us for work on their own office expansion.